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Choosing the right locks will help to not only deter criminals but help keep your home or business safe. There are many types of locks and choosing the one that is right for you can seem difficult. A little patience and due diligence will mean your security will be improved quickly.

locksmith bridgeport

When choosing the type of lock your home or business will need you should first double check the building codes regarding locks. Some states will require a certain type of lock to be installed on exterior doors. Now you need to look at the type of locks available.

Deadbolts come in two styles the regular deadbolt and the vertical deadbolt. A regular single cylinder deadbolt has a key on the outside and a knob on the inside. You should make sure the deadbolt has a minimum of a 1-inch throw in the frame of the door. You can also choose a double cylinder deadbolt. A double cylinder means it needs a key on both sides.

Keyless locks do not require a key and the combination can be quickly changed if you suspect that someone may have knowledge of the code. The advantage is of course that you do not need a key but combinations can be quickly forgotten and writing it down somewhere defeats their security advantage.

You can buy a sliding bar lock which is one that is mounted in the center of the door. These locks are nearly impossible to jimmy open. These locks will also not release the door even if the door pins have been removed since they have a deadbolt on both sides of the frame.

The least secure of any lock is the key in knob lock. They are usually very easy to break into with a credit card. The offer little protection and can be easily defeated. They are best suited for interior doors.

You can choose a chain lock. A chain lock should never be your only lock. They need to be part of your overall door lock strategy. These chain locks work best on doors with a deadbolt installed as an added measure of protection.

Choose a lock based upon how much protection you need as well as your building codes. Locks are a great deterrent but are just that a determinant to criminals. Some locks will be more difficult to break than others but do not rely on locks alone.

locksmith bridgeport


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